Darlene Square Table

Darlene Square Table

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Made from natural and sturdy materials, the Darlene Table Base is a basic, attractive table that makes a strong style statement with its simplicity and elegance. The stylish design will look fantastic in your house.

The robust and slender stand will bring attention and beauty to your space. The style of this table is indeed solid and stylish. The glass top highlights the light, making it more visually appealing. A simple couch or lounge seat would be ideal, but it may be placed wherever you like. Considering this kind of high-quality furniture with a reasonable price, don't pass up the opportunity to give your house or business a new appearance with the Darlene Table Base


    Multiple tabletop dimensions available.

    Hundreds of possible combinations can be obtained between the base and tabletop color/style, making it suitable for any aesthetic and functional need.