Terms & Conditions

SPECIAL ORDERS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION availability of merchandise is estimated according to information on hand at the time order is written. · Seller shall not be responsible for delays in delivery of merchandise occasioned by manufacturer’s scheduling, stock on hand, availability of materials, transportation difficulty or any other cause beyond the control of the seller. SPECIAL ORDERS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION ALL EXCHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO SELLER APPROVAL A minimum fee of 15% of the purchase price will be assessed (re-stocking fee) on seller approved returns, exchanges or cancellations. · Buyer assumes all risks associated with transportation of merchandise picked up. · Buyer agrees to measure doorways and stairways before ordering, as seller is not responsible for merchandise purchased that is too large to fit. · SELLER CAN DESIGNATE A DAY FOR DELIVERY, but not a specific time. · Seller cannot move, haul, or rearrange old furniture. · Seller makes no warranty beyond any written description itemized on this order. · Such disclaimer does not affect manufacturer warranty, if any. · Seller will assist the buyer in the exercise of all factory warranties. · BUYER LAYAWAYS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION. · Buyer agrees to complete payment on schedule, or proceeds of prior payment(s) towards layaway may be forfeited.